Got Questions? We have prepared a few frequently asked questions for you.


Q: What Type of tint do you guys use? 

A:  At Tint Zone, we have tried many different type of films. After years of experience, we decided to stick with 3M only. We carry 3M FX Premium, 3M Color Stable, and 3M Crystalline, with an additional line of Llumar Ceramic CTX Series. 


Q: What type of warranty do you guys offer? What does the warranty covered?

A: All our film comes with lifetime warranty. With that being said, when it comes the time for warranty jobs, Tint Zone will honor it as long as the customer holds a valid receipt. Warranty covers color change, bubbling, peeling. It does not cover damages such as scratching and dings by the release of the seat belt buckle.  


Q: If I go with a darker shade, does the price change?

A: Tint Zone doesn't like playing number games. When you choose a category of the tint, no matter what shading you go, it will be the same price. 

Q: Do I need an appointment?

A: Yes, appointment is recommended, that will ensure you to get the job done within a reasonable time frame.

Q: How many days can I not roll the window down after the service?

A: Usually the water bubble and haziness will dry out within two to three days, we normally ask customers to wait for a week, do a carwash, and check to see if there is any problems with the installation. For curing process, Please allow 48 hours to start rolling the windows up and down.    

Q: What is the legality limit of tint laws in California?

A: In California, anything that is darker than 70% visibility on the front two windows are considered illegal. Tint Zone does offer 70% window film for superior heat rejection, Please contact us for more info. 

Q: Is the Price the same with all the sedans and all the SUV's?

A: No, some of the cars may seem small and easy, but they are not. For example, the Tesla Model 3 would be priced much more different than a Toyota Corolla, Please contact us for a more detailed quote.   

Q: How do I know if you are using the authentic 3M film?

A: 3M embeds 3M logo watermarks on Color Stable and Crystalline series. If you like, you can ask us to keep the water mark until you give us the consent to erase it for you. Also, we will provide the authentic warranty cards. (You will not get one if you only do the two front windows, but keep in mind that the warranty will be covered by Tint Zone). 

Q: Do you remove tint?

A: Yes, but the price varies depending on the condition of the existing tint. For more accurate, please stop at our location for a quick estimate.