​Window Tinting often been described as an art work , where we have to measure, cut, and apply accurately and flawlessly in any type of environment. It may seem like a headache to choose the different type of films due to the sales tactic used by different retail shops, but Tint Zone will make it as easy as it could ever be, below is a list of what you need to know before you call for a quote. 

1.  Brand. We love using 3M and Llumar because it is simply the best on the market, their product, support, and performance is always top notch, and its ability of continuous innovation allows itself to stay ahead of the competitors. Please visit 3M website to check the specs of the each series, please visiting Llumar website to check for specs of each series of film.  

2. Performance. There are many other shops/manufacturers that will falsely claim that their automotive film will

block out 85%+ of the heat. This is not true, and will often mislead the customer. Currently, 3M Crystalline series is the top heat rejection film in the industry. It is made with 200+ multi-layer optical film, strictly tested at the highest point of the solar spectrum, which will provide the best heat resistance with its infrared coating.

3. Warranty. This is the essential of every manufacture. Even though most of the manufacture claims "Life time warranty", it is ultimately the retail shop's decision whether to honor it or not. Manufacture does not cover the front two window due to California's tinting law. The best way is to check social media, or business review platform such as yelp.com to check the legitimacy of the shop. 

4. Pricing.  Pricing depends mostly on the heat resistance of the film and often times, there will be huge price differences between different shops. Our recommendation is to call and shop around, But we are confident that you will end up coming to Tint Zone due to our aggressive  pricing. 

5. Workmanship. Workmanship could somehow be determined by the reviews given by the other consumers, visit their websites, social media pages to find out about what people say about the shop's workmanship. 

*Please note that according to California window tinting laws, the front two windows should be lighter than 70% visibility.